The story begins

ZERO truffles comes from the dream of two boys, Mario and Riccardo, who have always been in the world of quality food.
They casually met in Tokyo and decided to put their passion and professionalism to the service of those who love real and high quality truffles.

MARIO comes from Umbria, an Italian region home to the prized black truffle from Norcia. He has been working for years in the Italian truffle trade, first in Europe, then in other important cities in the world.

RICCARDO, coming from Provence, has become a connoisseur and trader of the famous Perigord truffle, which he successfully exported to the best restaurants in Asia and Oceania.


Truffles selling expertize

BEING very fond of Japan and its culture, and aware of the rising demand for quality products in the country, they decided to unite their forces and create Zero truffles.

The company aims to bring the best Italian and French fresh truffles to the most demanding Chefs and truffle lovers.

ZERO truffles is a guarantee for freshness, quality and products chosen by the best experts (truffle hunters ) in every season.


Our proposal to truffle Chefs and lovers

THE SELLING follows tradition: Mario and Riccardo visit the chefs with the product “in hand”, so that they may select the truffles depending on their needs and menus.

THE LOGISTICS of the product is handled in order to make it possible for truffles to be delivered to clients in Japan within 24 hours since they were harvested in France and Italy.

ZERO truffles is the solution for all chefs and truffle lovers who want the best product, in every season, under any condition